Frequently asked questions. 


Are your ingredients organic?

Yes! All of our products are CERTIFIED organic.

Are your products vegan (non-dairy)?

Yes! All of our products are vegan. 

Do you use plastic?

We are a health conscious and eco-conscious company and that means taking great care of our environment first and foremost. If we don't care for our natural world then we can't care for ourselves. We ferment in glass always! We bottle in glass for our local stores and we now ship our drinks in recyclable BPA and Phthalate free plastic bottles to reduce the amount of broken glass. Our sauerkrauts are bottled in glass.

***Please note that our plastic bottles for our beverages are PET, BPA free and Phthalate free.

Please recycle! We do our best to constantly improve our footprint on Earth and attempt to make it as non-impactful as possible.

what is the best serving amount for your kefir?

We recommend 2 ounces of the bottle each morning or evening if there is no evidence of gut imbalance or immune system imbalance. If there is evidence of imbalance, then the recommended dose should be 1/4-1/2 of the bottle each day. If your body craves the entire bottle, then go with it!


Thanks to the abundance of healthy bacteria found in our kefir, the shelf life, even when opened is 4 months. We recommend drinking it within that time frame. You'll notice the taste becomes tangier as time goes on since the bacteria continue to eat the natural sugars from the coconut milk. You may even notice a slight effervescence. This is safe and drinkable and delicious.

Why does your Coconut milk kefir get chunky?

Currently we produce our own coconut milk. We have the highest intentions to offer you the cleanest food possible.Therefore, we do not add any emulsifiers or additives to create a product that does not separate. Coconut milk separates naturally as the fat solidifies from the liquid. We recommend shaking really well and if needed breaking up the chunks with a butter knife. If some chunks do not come out of the jar, putting a wee bit of filtered spring water in the jar and then shaking should work. Be sure to drink the chunks. Healthy coconut fat is good for you!


We grow and maintain kefir grains. These are not really grains as we know rice, quinoa, buckwheat or oats. They are SCOBY (symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast). They are living microorganisms. We DO NOT use the powder freeze dried cultures.

What are the health benefits of your kefir?

Milk kefir is one of the healthiest foods that exists for human consumption. Ours is a dairy free, vegan coconut milk kefir. The health benefits are plentiful:

  • 82 billion probiotics in one bottle (more absorbable to your body than a pill form)

  • high microbial diversity

  • helps relieve constipation and diahhrea

  • supports the immune system

  • can alleviate depression and anxiety

  • reduces leaky gut or dysbiosis

  • helps combat Candida

  • decreases inflammation in the body (not just the gut)

  • cancer fighting compounds

  • so much more....

Why does your lemonade taste sweet if sugar is not listed on the ingredients?

We ferment ginger and lemon juice with organic raw cane sugar to kick start the fermentation process. The bacteria that are present in the ginger begin to eat the sugars so that they can proliferate into the billions and trillions. As they eat the sugar they metabolize it into lactic acid, ascetic acid and some carbon dioxide to lower the PH so they can survive and thrive. We do not add sugar after the fermentation process. The sugar that is registered on the label is naturally occurring from the ginger and lemon.

Is your lemonade like kombucha?

Yes and no. Our lemonade is made in a similar fashion as kombucha. However, we use ginger as our SCOBY. This is a wild fermentation as we derive our probiotics from the natural environment. We also differ from kombucha as we do not add sugar AFTER fermentation to create carbonation. Our lemonade does not contain caffeine, added sugar and is low in yeast but high in healthy bacteria.

Our shelf life for our probiotic lemonades are 4 months even after opened.

What are the health benefits of your lemonades?

Our lemonade is the only probiotic lemonade on the market! One bottle contains 31 million probiotics! Plus you get the benefits of fermented ginger and lemon combined to combat inflammation, nausea, vomiting and too much heat in the body. Kids go crazy for our lemonade. Its great for women who are pregnant with nausea and vomiting. Its an excellent addition to people going through cancer treatment to replenish electrolytes and to combat nausea. In addition, it can help with decreasing depression and anxiety.

What is the serving suggestion for your lemonades?

We recommend 1/2 to a full bottle of lemonade! 

Are there beets in your Lemon Ginger kraut?

No there are no beets. We use a combination of purple and green cabbage to create that sparky pink color.

Do you use vinegar and sugar to ferment?

No! We use a lacto-fermentation process. We create an anaerobic environment for the cabbage (and other veggies) so there is no need for external additives to ferment. Lacto does not mean dairy. Lacto refers to lactic acid bacteria that proliferate in an anaerobic environment.

What is the suggested serving size for your kraut? 

We suggest 2 tablespoons per lunch and dinner with the other food you are eating. If you are a kraut purist, eat it right out of the jar!


Over a year, and even if you open it!

What are the health benefits of eating your sauerkraut?

Our sauerkraut is loaded with healthy probiotics! Its also very high in Vitamin C. Sauerkraut can help to stabilize resting blodd sugar levels, boost immunity, absorb B vitamins, boosts energy, boosts mental clarity and can combat depression or anxiety. Most of all, it can reduce dysbiosis or leaky gut.


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