"When tests confirmed that my autistic son had leaky gut, I was desperate for answers."

A trusted MD recommended the Fermenting Fairy and although I believed it was futile since my son is such a picky eater, I visited her booth at the Brentwood market.  I was overjoyed that she sold fermented lemonade: an item on my son's ridiculously small list of acceptable food and drink.  And he loves it and is healing at the same time.  This was confirmed when I did a second test on his gut a few months later and it was greatly improved!" - Linda Davis


"I Started drinking fermenting fairy during chemo..."

I started drinking Fermenting Fairy during chemo after I met the owner at Erewhon Market sampling drinks. From that day forward I was addicted to this drink (lemonade). This special drink keeps me hydrated and encouraged me to drink more water throughout the day. You can drink this lemonade straight or add it to water. This drink will keep your gut health in check since chemo kills your gut and can bring on reflux. So leave the alcohol behind and drink Fermenting Fairy drinks and guide your way back to perfect health." - Anonymous


"I know Lauren (the Fermenting Fairy) on both a personal and professional level and I have to say that when I was faced with G.I. issues this year she was more helpful than anyone I have encountered...

Lauren has the unique perspective of having her own G.I. challenges and she is an inspiration to me because she has used her knowledge, not only to heal herself, but to help heal many others. I had no idea what was wrong with me, and it was extremely stressful, and Lauren provided me with the tools and the knowledge and the supplements and food that I needed in order to start the path to healing. She is very understanding and compassionate, while also being matter of fact and very well-informed. She doesn’t push anything but you will want to implement her products into your healing regime because they work so well! It has been one month since my consultation with Lauren and I am 70% better than I was and I am sure it will continue to improve. Anyone with G.I. issues knows that it takes some time (and patience!) to heal but I have faith in my body’s ability to heal thanks to Lauren. I highly recommend Lauren for anyone facing similar health challenges - she will help you!!! Thank you Lauren for everything!!!" - Jess

"Even before I actually met Lauren, I felt a resonance with her Light... I reached out to connect and was thrilled that she actually came to one of my Santa Monica Holistic Chamber of Commerce Meetings!... 

I didn’t know anything about Fermenting Fairy! Then, I got to have a tasting of all of her products! Foodie me fell in love! I am so happy to have found her line of probiotic kefirs and lemonades! Even my 12 year old son loves the lemonades and asked for more! He doesn’t even like fermented things! As Socrates said: “Food is Medicine!” AND I’m not going to consume things that are not delicious. Well, we just restocked our fridge yesterday and this is a yummy habit that we will keep! Lauren is my favorite new friend/Fairy! I love supporting great local businesses that offer amazing products. Clean, good sourcing is important to me AND it has to taste good! If gut health is important, you need to have this. You’ll be happy because it’s a symphony in your mouth while you can feel the healing in your gut!!!" - Chantalynn

"For the past few years I was suffering from Colitis an autoimmune disease in the digestive system. I was told it was incurable...until I decided to change what I ate...

One of the things I introduced into my clean diet was Sauerkraut because of its probiotic properties. Although most sauerkrauts are very boring to me I discovered Fermenting Fairy, specifically the Ginger Lemon, and after tasting it, I went crazy for it. It’s so fresh and light and has this amazing taste that goes well with almost everything. Even on its own in spoonfuls. After 6 months of eating healthy my colitis was gone. I give so much credit to this line of probiotic food that I truly believe it made a huge difference in helping my microbiota grow! My son looooves the Lavender Lemonade. And the Kefirs! There’s so many to choose from! Never boring!" - Anita

“I first discovered the powerful healing effects of Lauren’s products while I was experimenting with the Keto diet…

I have always loved the energy that Keto gives me but the constipation and bloating that it can cause has always forced me back into higher carb diets to keep myself regular. I had no idea what fermented foods were prior to meeting Lauren, but ever since I started drinking her coconut milk kefir, my bloating and constipation issues have literally disappeared. It has completely cured me without losing out on how great I feel on Keto. I became a huge fan of Fermenting Fairy overnight and I’ve been drinking the coconut milk kefir ever since. If you haven’t read about Lauren’s amazing story behind why she created this company, I would suggest you start there. Her products literally saved her life. Imagine what they can do for you!”- Trevor 

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