Cancer Care Package

Cancer Care Package


***Your Fermenting Fairy products may not arrive cold. They are safe and completely delicious upon arrival no matter what temperature they arrive. Please refrigerate upon receiving. Thank you!***

Two kefirs and two lemonades of your choice.

We Believe wholeheartedly in the healing benefits of our food and drinks. Our Lemonade's have helped people tremendously who are in treatment for cancer and post treatment for cancer. The combination of the fermented Ginger and lemon help ease any feelings of nausea and vomiting and have very powerful anti-cancer properties. In addition they replenish the body with electrolytes. Our vegan kefir is a Powerhouse in boosting one's immune system. Milk Kefir studies show a halt in tumor growth and a decrease in Cancer stem cell growth. This package is a must for anyone needing a radical boost in immunity and healing.

Please note this is now shipped in recyclable plastic bottles that are PET, BPA free and Phthalates free.

Lemonade Flavor 1:
Kefir flavor 1:
Lemonade Flavor 2:
Kefir flavor 2:
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