Heal with me

I remember how I felt when I was not feeling well. I felt alone, lost and misunderstood by many friends, family and health care practitioners. Its scary to feel sick and to not know where to turn or who to talk with. I’m here to help. Truly. I draw on 25 years of alternative healing modalities to bring you a road map back to feeling great. Through my extensive certifications and experience with therapeutic yoga, breathwork, meditation, nutrition, occupational therapy and somatic movement coupled with my deep love and knowledge of probiotics and gut health, I bring you a unique, shapeshifting paradigm to healing your body. I would be honored to help you get back on track and feel the best you’ve ever felt! 


Lauren specializes in a range of conditions including but not limited to: IBS, crohns, ulcerative colitis, sibo, GERD, acid reflux, diverticulitis, sensitive stomach. 

Live Free with a healthy gut program includes:

  • gut microbial analysis

  • nutrition

  • fermentation education

  • probiotics

  • plant based, herbal retention enemas

  • food intimacy

  • colon massage

  • breath work

  • yoga

  • meditation

  • stress management

  • emotional/Spiritual upliftment

Consultation - 1 hour
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